Technical Visit
Exploring interesting subsurface infrastructures


This year we will visit the emergency station of the Koralm railway tunnel. When completed, it will be the longest railway tunnel in Austria with a length of 32.9 km. Operated by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), it connects the two federal states of Styria and Carinthia.

The emergency station in the middle of the tunnel serves as a waiting and rescue area for train passengers. Its purpose is to provide an area in the tunnel with better conditions for self-rescue in the event of a fire. If a passenger train cannot leave the tunnel due to the specified emergency operating characteristics, it will stop at the emergency station. Each tube in the emergency station area has a rescue platform approximately 450 m long with emergency exit distances reduced to 50 m (or 9 escape tunnels per rescue platform).

About the Koralm railway tunnel project (ÖBB)

Fotos: © ÖBB, ITnA

Impressions of the past years


In recent years, it has always been possible to experience interesting infrastructure projects in the fields of road and railway tunnels. An interesting program is again planned for the upcoming conference.

Fotos: © Zentrum am Berg, ITnA